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Wasp Pest Control, if you have a wasp nest that needs removing or a wasp nest that needs exterminating call us for wasps in the Essex & London areas, including a wasp nest removal service, we can resolve your wasp pest problem quickly and efficiently at a very competitive price. Wasps are a seasonal pest, they start to appear late spring/early summer time, the nests grow very fast and the number of wasps can get to a point where it becomes extremely dangerous to be near the wasp nest.

Wasp Pest Information

The wasps will sting a human multiple times which will attract other nearby wasps to attack the same individual, stings can also cause an allergic reaction which has resulted in human deaths.

Out of the seven species of wasp found in the UK, the most common four found in the London and Essex Area are as follows:

The Common Wasp (Vespula Vulgaris) The nest is yellow/brown in colour and is often found in garden sheds, lofts and air brick cavities, in fact any gap in a building they can make their way into.

The German Wasp (Vespula Germanica)

This wasp looks the same as the common wasp only larger. The nests of the German wasp are grey in colour and are found in the same places as the Common Wasp. This wasp is highly aggressive and is prone to attack at the slightest irritation in large swarms.

The Norwegian Wasp (Vespula Norvegica)

The nests of this wasp are built in shrubs and trees, the nest is often found enveloping several branches to support its mass. The nest is grey/green in colour. This wasp is a territorial wasp and will attack in numbers if you approach within a few feet of the nest.

The Tree Wasp (Vespula Sylvestris)

This wasp looks the same as the common wasp but smaller. The nests are found in holes in the ground such as mole holes, rabbit holes and any other hole they can find. Although the smallest they are the most aggressive of all wasps found in this country. Just walking past a nest can trigger a massive attack.

Wasp & Bee Control Treatments

Our wasp pest control treatment includes the following:

Full Survey & Report on the visit.
Guaranteed results on the first visit.
Free re-visits if required to destroy the original infestation of wasps, hornets or bees.

Should any proofing be required, the pest controller will quote on-site, you are under no obligation to use us to do any further proofing but our recommendations must be carried out to prevent future infestation.

Please note for Bee pest control proofing of the hole is a legal requirement of pest control to avoid other safe bee colonies from getting destroyed, this can be quoted for prior to the visit.

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