Fleas Pest Control in London & Essex

Flea Pest control in London and Essex. Shine pest control are your experts at Flea extermination. Fleas in the Essex and London areas call us for your pest control treatment. Fleas are parasites that live off humans and warm-blooded animals, we have found that they are commonly found on your children and pets who act as hosts.

Fleas Pest Information

Fleas are a major problem in and around the London and Essex areas, as a pest control company we have thought long and hard to provide the most effective package to dispose of your Flea problem.

How do you tell if you have fleas?

Their bites on your children or animals are a visible indication of requiring flea pest control. You can also keep a look out for their eggs, larvae and cocoons.
Constant itching by your children or pets.

Shine Pest Control provides an extensive treatment for flea extermination in Essex & London guaranteeing to resolve your problem using experienced pest controllers using the most up to date flea treatments available.

Do not let your flea problem get out of control we can get you treated today.

Fleas Pest Control Treatments

Our Flea control treatment includes the following:

Full Property sprayed.
Full Survey & Report.
The most advanced pesticide spray available to more effectively exterminate your problem.
Guaranteed to remove your current flea problem.


We also supply an added service which we find very effective for those wanting immediate results in a particularly bad room. We can set off a chemical grenade that works its way into the crevices of the room releasing a different Flea killing pesticide. (This cannot be purchased as an individual treatment)

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