Bird Pest Control in London & Essex

Shine Bird Pest Controllers are experts in bird pest control and proofing, carrying out bird pest control daily in the Essex and London areas. Birds create damage to buildings and carry a multitude of diseases, this combined with the unsightly droppings they leave which are also extremely dangerous to your health is a major problem within Essex and London. We help both commercial and domestic customers control the issues they have using a variety of bird pest control solutions.

Bird Control & Bird Proofing

Shine Pest Control have extensive experience in controlling your bird problem using pest control solutions such as:

Bird free gel
Bird / Pigeon Spikes
Bird / Pigeon Netting

All of these pest control services are dependant on the needs of the customer and on the environment in which the pest control is to take place.

Due to the complex nature of bird control, this is one of the only services we provide where we cannot provide you with a quote over the phone, we will need to visit your premises and do a thorough inspection, all quotes are however free of charge.

Bird Pest Control Case Studies

Pigeon Proofing (Solar Panels) – House in Westcliff on Sea.

We recently completed proofing a large set of solar panels and guttering on a roof in Westcliff on Sea in Essex.

The customer called us as was fed up with the pigeons nesting underneath the solar panels and the messing all over the panels, guttering and her garden and driveway.

We gave a free quote for the bird proofing and the had the installation booked and completed within a few days. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and as you will see by the below pictures ensure that the bird proofing is as tidy and intrusive to the eye as possible.

Pigeon Proofing (Netting) – Flats in Billericay, Essex.

We recently completed proofing two flats in Billericay, Essex as they had been infested with pigeons.

They called us after a Pigeon had gotten stuck in there current netting which had NOT been professionally installed by a trained bird pest controller.

Shine Pest Control part of Come Shine With Me gave a free quote to the customer and completed works to a professional safe standard, look at the before and after photos below, the customer no longer has any pigeon problems thanks to our bird proofing using a combination of bird netting and bird spikes.

Pigeon Proofing (Gel) – Job Completed in Brentwood Essex

We recently completed proofing a large nursery in Essex as they had begun to be infested with pigeons.

They called us after a building next door had been knocked down and the resident pigeons moved to their premises.

Due to the fact that it is a nursery, they did not want pigeon mess to be all over there play areas but they also did not want spikes all over the building.

We proposed they used bird free gel where possible and netting and chimney guards in other areas.

Using this combination we have now resolved the problem at the site, below are some before and after pictures.

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