Rats & Mice Pest Control in London & Essex

Rat & Mice Pest control in London and Essex for any rat or mice pest extermination. Rats and mice alike are disease-carrying pests that do nothing but destroy your residential or commercial premises, chewing through wiring, walls, kitchen units and desks, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage every day.

Rats & Mice Pest Information

London & Essex have a huge rat and mice pest problem, rats or mice need to be controlled as they can cause massive amounts of damage to your premises in a small amount of time.

Rats and mice constantly drop their mess all over your premises, within their droppings and wee can be a multitude of diseases that can kill humans.

If you have a problem with rats or mice Shine Pest Control can solve your problem and have dedicated pest controllers for rats or mice in Essex or London, you can even have the same day service, using our advanced trapping systems and utilising a well-placed poison programme to quickly eradicate your problem, combine this with our proofing recommendations and we guarantee to get rid of your rat or mice problem.

Rats & Mice Control Treatments

Our rat/mice pest control treatment includes the following:

Full Survey & Report on each visit.
Two visits to your premises.
Two different poisons if needed to effectively exterminate your problem (One used on each visit).
One tennis ball size hole filled free of charge.
As many traps as the pest controller deem necessary.
Guaranteed to eradicate your current Rat or Mice problem no matter how many extra visits we make (Residential).

Should any further proofing be required, the pest controller will quote on-site, you are under no obligation to use us to do any further proofing but our recommendations must be carried to prevent further pest control issues at your premises.

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