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Mole Pest Information

Why is the Mole a pest?

Moles are not rodents but are insectivores, they love to eat small insects, grubs and Earthworms which are there most favourite food.

Moles are originally from Woodlands and wet areas, they love well taken care of lawns that are watered regularly, this gives them the perfect environment for the moles to tunnel through producing the mole mounds protruding from your grass/lawn.

Moles although small weighing in on average at 8 ounces tunnel up to 18 feet per hour. It is extremely important to try and catch the moles as soon as you seeĀ a mound – due to how fast they produce the tunnels they can make extensive networks making it hard for the pest controller to remove the mole problem.

Mole Pest Control Treatments

. Our Qualified RSPH Pest Controller will carry out a full inspection of the property to determine active tunnel routes and set the mole traps.

. The Mole Expert will return to the property within 7 days to check the traps to look for a positive result.

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