Flies & Moths Pest Control in London & Essex

Fly and moth pest control in London and Essex. To exterminate your fly and moth pest issue call us. Flies carry a large number of diseases and bacteria. Moths destroy your home and possessions. Both can be exterminated by Shine Pest Control.

Flies & Moth Pest Information

Flies are becoming a major problem within the Essex & London areas due to increased population and waste.

The most common flies found in the Essex & London area are the Housefly, Cluster Fly, Horsefly, Fruit fly, Hoverfly and Midges, these flies have one thing in common they can carry a large number of diseases and bacteria which they will spread onto anyone they land on.

Moths are a destructive force causing damage to clothes, carpets, and soft furnishings made from natural fibres in homes around London and Essex.
The three most common Moths found in the home:

The Clothes Moth

The smallest out of the three and the one that causes the most damage to clothing, it does not like to fly and you will often find it crawling along, it has a pale gold colour.

The White Shouldered House Moth

Similar to the Clothes Moth but is told apart by the white head and shoulders.

The Brown House Moth

Mottled and darker than the other moths is normally found in the kitchen, bedrooms and even in your cupboards.

In large numbers this pest can be very destructive, ruining whole wardrobes of clothing. They lay there eggs in the fibres of your clothing and when the come out they eat your fibres.

If you think you have a problem call us before your problem gets any worse.

Fly & Moth Control Treatments

Our fly and moth control treatment includes the following:

Infested rooms sprayed, including cupboards and wardrobes.
Full Survey & Report.
The most advanced pesticide spray available to more effectively exterminate your problem.
Free proofing advice given.


We also supply an added service which we find very effective for those wanting immediate results in a particularly bad room. We can set off a chemical grenade that works its way into the crevices of the room releasing a different fly & moth killing pesticide. (This cannot be purchased as an individual treatment)

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