Spiders (False Widow Spiders) Pest Control in London & Essex

Spider pest control in Essex and London. With the recent rise in population of the false widow spiders, we have found it necessary to create a page dedicated to our services in spider pest control across London and Essex.

Spider Pest Information

Spiders especially the False Widow spider which is often confused with the Black Widow Spider are becoming major problem in and around the London and Essex areas, as a pest control company we have thought long and hard to provide the most effective package to dispose of your Spider problem. Our Spider pest control services are explained to the right.

The False Widow spider which has a brown bulbous abdomen with cream coloured markings, often likened to the shape of a skull has had confirmed sightings as far up as East Anglia at present. There have been many reports of people being bitten in the Essex area, so we urge you if you sight one try and remove it from your premises or call us to remove the spider and spray your premises.

Spider Control Treatments

Our spider pest control treatment includes the following:

Full Property Spray, External or Internal or both if needed.
Removal of live spiders and webs.
Full Survey & Report.
Professional use pesticide spray used to more effectively exterminate your problem.
Guaranteed to be effective against any spiders that come into contact with our treatment.

Pricing varies dependant on the size of premises and treatment required, please do not hesitate to contact.


We also supply an added service which we find very effective for those wanting immediate results in a, particularly bad room. We can set off a chemical grenade that works its way into the crevices of the room releasing the spider killing pesticides. (This cannot be purchased as an individual treatment)

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