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We are a reliable pest control company supplying a discreet pest control service and a pest control service that is guaranteed. We carry out both residential and commercial pest control services. The same day, Weekends, Late or Early we will supply the pest control service you require at the time that best suits you all across Essex.



Everything we do at our pest control company is guided by our strong set of principles and ethos.

We guarantee complete satisfaction to our customers and clients in all of our domestic and commercial pest control undertakings.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


  • Chris Hughes
    Chris Hughes Pest Control Expert

    Hi I am Chris Hughes, an expert pest controller for Shine Pest Control, you will often find that I will be part of the team of pest controllers that attend to carry out your treatment in the Essex area.

  • Kirk Day
    Kirk Day Head Pest Control & Director of Operations

    Hi I am Kirk Day, Head Pest Controller and Operations Manager for Shine Pest Control, you will often find that I will be the pest controller that attends to carry out your treatment in the Essex area, we are a small local Essex based pest control company, providing a reliable, discrete service, give me a call to answer your questions.

  • Louise Humphrey
    Louise Humphrey Accounts Manager & Head of Cleaning Services

    Hi I’m Louise and I handle accounts at Shine Pest Control Services as well as run our sister cleaning company. Expect to hear me sometimes deal with your urgent pest problems sometimes on the phone or over email! (p.s don’t forget we offer cleaning services too!)

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