Ants Pest Control Services

Ants are a major annoyance in Essex and London, nesting in your garden, walls, under paving slabs and even under your floorboards. Some bite, some fly, some destroy your garden, but they are all an annoyance that you could do without.

Ant Pest Information

Ants are a major problem in and around the London and Essex areas, as a pest control company we have thought long and hard to provide the most effective package to dispose of your ant problem. Our services for ant pest control are explained to the right.

The two main types of Ant in the U.K are:

The Common Black Ant

This ant is black or dark brown. The queen will survive in the soil through the winter period whilst all other ants die. During spring they will lay the eggs, mostly near houses or in them. You will often find them in kitchens due to their love of sweet foods. Treatment for this pest is to have the inside and exterior of your premises sprayed with professional use pesticide.

The Pharaoh Ant

This ant is red in colour and smaller than the black ant, they love warm and humid conditions allowing them to reproduce constantly throughout the year, you will find some with wings on but they do not fly. Treatment for this pest is to lay bait stations along their usual route, they take the poisoned bait back to the nest which kills them all.

We know most people will first resort to the kettle of boiling water or the weak shop bought ant killer, this will only be a short term measure against this versatile pest.

As pest controllers we have access to the strongest and most effective ant killing chemicals that will resolve your ant problem. Let the experts deal with this problem for you.

Ants Pest Control Treatments

The Common Black Ant Spray Treatment

Our ant pest control treatment includes the following:

Full Property Spray interior and exterior.
Full Survey & Report on each visit.
Professional use only pesticide spray used to effectively exterminate your problem.

The Pharaoh Ant Bait Station

Due to the Pharaoh ant being a very versitile pest and due to their dispersal patterns there could be hundreds of different colonies, we try to resolve this in the shortest period possible to reduce the cost.

Full Property Survey and Report on each visit and professional use only pesticides are used.

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